Julian Wilson Wins Tahiti

by Chris D | Aug 14, 2017
In a total contrast of styles, FCS Global Team riders Gabriel Medina and Julian Wilson went head to head in the final of the Billabong Pro, Tahiti, with Jules scoring the win courtesy of some backhand wizardry.   

In small, shifting conditions, adaptability was the key to success in this event, and Julian is one of the best in the game, mixing impressive backhand barrel riding with some crazy turns on the end section at Chopes.


Breaking his winning drought for this year, let’s dissect what Julian rode to victory…


Available in Grom, Medium & Large sizes, Julian Wilson's FCS II fin sits in the Carver family, so it’s suited to power surfing on open face waves. With decent size waves on offer this year at Chopes, the barrel-to-roundhouse cutback or hack on the end section came into play time and time again. So having that balance of speed, predictability and control was paramount, and Julian’s fin delivers this in spades.

Another thing to note about Julian’s fin is the material; Performance Glass (PG), which offers a stiff base and a highly responsive tip flex. These fins are machine cut from layers of solid fiberglass and they can be pushed extremely hard because the integrity of the flex is maintained in the most extreme of situations.

FCS JW Traction

Julian’s FCS Traction pad is one of the most popular in the range. By using a thinner EVA, and incorporating extra perforations and defined channels through the arch, this 3-piece pad features a double square groove, high tail kick, and focuses on increased traction and reduced weight.

Interesting to see Jules mixing up the 3 pads colours on his boards for Tahiti this year. Available in black, and two different camo options, with the three stripe reference that visually connects back to his signature fin.

FCS Premium Regular Leash

The FCS Regular Leash is the perfect all-rounder, and is super reliable, especially when surfing reef breaks where you need a little extra thickness in the cord. This leash has double swivels, a deluxe high-density neoprene ankle strap with soft lycra edging, and is great for waves up to 8 feet, or double overhead.


“My gear has been feeling great all year, and especially at a wave like Chopes where you’re putting extra force on your board and fins, and you really need to feel like you’re in total control. It’s all those little things that add up, and give you the confidence to get a win like this one”. - Julian Wilson

56 WSL World Championship Tour events have now been won by surfers riding the FCS II system and fins. FCS II patents have now been granted in the US and Japan, and we expect the patents to proceed to grant in Australia and Europe in the near future.