FCS Partners With Gowings Whale Trust And SurfAid

by Chris D | Jan 14, 2018
FCS Whale Trust

The Gowings Whale Trust (GWT)

FCS is a proud supporter of The Gowings Whale Trust (GWT) that was established to increase people’s knowledge, involvement and understanding of the Humpback Whale through public education.
The Humpback delights coastal dwellers with its acrobatics as they make their annual migrations through our oceans, and by increasing our understanding of this mammal, its environment and the impact man has upon it, we will have a greater chance of ensuring its survival.

In 2016 GWT formed a partnership with Sea Shepherd, donating an RIB chase boat named ‘Whale Warrior’ which will sit on-board the new Ocean Warrior vessel, and be used to fight illegal whaling activities off Antarctica.

To learn more about GWT, to make a donation, or to purchase merchandise Gowings Whale Trust. All funds go towards selected research projects focused on the life, habits and ultimately preservation of this magnificent species. Anyone who makes a donation also receives a ‘Whale Futures’ certificate that acknowledges their contribution.

FCS Surfaid

FCS Strings for Charity

FCS Strings for Charity is an initiative created for the sole purpose of supporting Surfaid International, and the amazing work they carry out to help underprivileged communities throughout Indonesia.

Each year thousands of surfer’s from around the globe make a pilgrimage to remote parts of Indonesia and have the time of their lives. With that in mind, this program aims to give back and help support the local communities in that area.

Something as small as a leash string is actually quite valuable to a surfer, and for some mysterious reason they often go missing. So, FCS decided to make these special blue strings available through retail chains with 100% of the profits going directly to Surfaid International. In essence, every surfer who purchases one of the blue FCS Leash Strings is also helping to support this worthy cause.

FCS has an ongoing commitment to Surfaid International through the ‘FCS Strings For Charity’ program, which to date has raised more than $100,000.